Face lift Surgery For Men

Male Facelift"Performing a Male Facelift requires a special aesthetic sense to preserve a masculine, natural and attractive appearance." -Dr. Diamond

As recently as 10 years ago the word facelift was a taboo topic among men. Today my facelift practice is comprised of approximately 35 percent male patients. The reason for the explosion in male facelift patients is that the word has spread far and wide that a skillfully performed facelift will give excellent results that retain all masculine characteristics and look very natural. The male facelift will create sculpting and definition to the lower third of the face to tighten the neck and jawline, which is a very attractive, youthful, and masculine characteristic. The scars are designed to be invisible such that even men with short hair have no visible scars. Given these facts, it is no wonder that more and more men are undergoing facelifts to improve their quality of life.

The first aspect of the male face that I assess when evaluating someone for a facelift is the neck. Men typically have thicker skin than women and as a result the male neck is often very thick and heavy. To create a chiseled and sculpted masculine neck and jawline, several techniques are required. The first characteristic that I evaluate is the strength of the chin. A weak chin will contribute to the appearance of a loose neck and jowls and therefore, take away from the aesthetic appearance of the male face. Approximately fifty percent of men I see have a weak chin and for them I recommend a chin implant.

The next aspect of tightening the male neck and face is reducing the subcutaneous fat layer, which is the layer of fat just beneath the skin. In most cases, this fat layer creates a mild to moderate unwanted fullness that needs to be removed. The most problematic layer for most men is the platysma muscle and the layer of fat beneath the platysma known as the subplatysmal fat layer. By elevating the platysma muscle off the subplatysmal fat layer, I can remove the fat layer down to the wind pipe. This removes a large amount of bulk in the neck. I can then tighten the loose platysma muscle over the gap created from removing the excess subplatysmal fat. This combination of procedures is very aggressive and creates the tightest and most contoured neck possible. The subplatysmal surgery requires tremendous skill and experience and is the reason why only a select few surgeons perform this procedure.

The next aspect of the male face that I evaluate is the jawline. To create a more defined jawline and correct jowls (if present) the best technique is to tighten the SMAS layer, which stands for subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system; this is a long name for the deep muscle layer of the face. This is done by creating incisions hidden behind the creases and shadows of the ears. The SMAS layer is tightened and the excess skin is removed. By tightening the SMAS layer to define the jawline instead of pulling the skin, the results are very natural and there is absolutely no "pulled look". Furthermore, by tightening the SMAS layer, the tension on the face is deep so that there is minimal tension or force on the superficial skin layer and this allows the incisions to heal in an invisible way.

The final concept that is important to discuss when discussing the male facelift is the design of the facelift incision. I strongly prefer to place the incision inside the ear cartilage behind an area known as the tragus; this incision is called a post-tragal incision. There are many surgeons in different parts of the country who place the facelift incision in front of the tragus, but this has the potential to become a very visible scar; therefore, I avoid this incision at all times. By making a post-tragal incision, the scar will not be visible, which is of utmost importance for both men and women.

On another note, many men will also have their eyelids rejuvenated at the same time as their facelift to complete a male full facial rejuvenation.

I have had 100 percent success when performing facelifts for men that heal in such a way that there is no evidence of having had a surgical procedure. My patients tell me that their friends and family compliment them on looking great but have no idea that they have had a facelift. This is the ideal goal for any man undergoing a facial rejuvenation procedure.

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